Global Connections

A proud member of NPA, the Worldwide Recruiting Network. Your best chance to hire and be hired from anywhere in the world

Benefits to Recruiters

Here’s how we put the NPAworldwide’s exclusive array of resources to work for you:

NPA recruiters provide an array of global recruiting resources not available from non-member organizations.

  • Speed. A 470-firm global network helps you quickly find the ideal candidates for your important positions.
  • Global reach.We bring you local candidates, connections and knowledge everywhere in the world through our fellow members across six continents.
  • Passive candidates. Sometimes the best candidates for a position are employed and unavailable on job boards. Though our membership you will access a large database of passive candidates developed by 1,600 recruiters.
  • Specialists.Many NPAworldwide recruiters specialize in recruiting specialists. That’s another way in which you benefit.

Overall, our network’s collaborative spirit means you pay for one firm’s services yet enjoy the prowess of an entire global recruiting network.

Benefits to job seekers

You gain employment opportunities across the globe through our fellow recruiters, which multiplies your chances of finding the best career-candidate match. Here’s how:

  • Global Opportunities If you work with a single recruiter, you access only his connections. But through us you are connected to 1,600 recruiters’ connections.
  • Specialists Quite a few of our fellow members specialize in certain industries and positions. They will focus on your needs, boosting your odds
  • Expertise Like us, our network members are seasoned professionals. Like us, they know it’s in everyone’s interests that we forge long-term relationships – not short-term fixes. So we put our combined experience to work for you.

You enjoy support in the form of placement help, coaching, real-time feedback during your job search, relocation services, etc.. So your move to a new position is even more efficient and productive.

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