For over 24 years, Options Executive Search has provided customized recruitment and HR consultancy services, helping IT, Manufacturing and Financial Service companies find professionals with 5+ years’ experience. We have helped put together core teams in hundreds of startups (venture- and PE-funded companies) and established companies (Indian and foreign MNCs). Our main strengths are:

Long-term solutions

We take the time to listen and understand. We don’t just fill vacancies but match candidates with employers in terms are culture and values. We believe every hire should work out for the long-term for both parties. And that strengthens our bonds with both recruiter and candidate with every assignment.

Helping Returning Indians

Our special cell helps Indian abroad come back home with positions thatmatch their aptitude and aspirations. Hundreds of such professionals testify to our expertise in matching global talent to Indian needs.

Global Opportunities

We ally with global HR networks like NPAworldwide to give you the best chance of finding the optimal talent-vacancy match, nationally and internationally.

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